Empowering Success-Driven Women To Be Healthy High Achievers

Meet Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola is a New York City corporate manager, turned fitness and wellness entrepreneur. She is the founder of VastPotential, a leadership training company; and creator of MOMENTUM365, an education-based habit and mindset coaching program empowering women to achieve optimal health and happiness through lasting lifestyle change.

As a keynote presenter, emcee, motivational speaker, and panelist across industries, Lindsay engages audiences of all sizes: on-stage for large conferences and in smaller, more intimate settings.

Through an inspiring combination of story and strategy, Lindsay speaks for companies and organizations on topics including healthy habits for the success-driven professional, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, habit change, and stress management.

She also speaks and consults on business-specific topics including entrepreneurship and leadership, staff development, and creating exceptional client experiences.

Lindsay has been featured nationally for her work, serves on advisory boards, served as editor-in-chief of the fitness industry business publication,
Personal Fitness Professional and is committed to serving her community.

She lives with her husband, Emilio, and two children, EJ and Lidia, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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